Friends of Co+Op: Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Factory

As we set out to find the right coffee to use for our kopi, we went straight to Lam Yeo Coffee Powder Factory.  In creating a signature cup of Kopi, we’ve collaborated very closely with the team (Led by Tan Peck Hoe or Benny) there.  What we really like about them is that they are willing to try a new approach to local coffee, and adjusting their methods/recipe to achieve what we were aiming for at Co+Op.  Operating out of a quaint shop house along Balestier Road, Lam Yeo has 3 generations of expertise in kopi roasting, and they’ve been successful in creating a blend that we’re very proud of.  Out of their passion for coffee in general, they also sell an exotic variety of coffee beans and blends.

Please find the time to visit them at 328 Balestier Road Singapore 329760.  When you pop by, look out for the older Mr and Mrs Tan, they’re Peck Hoe’s parents and remain involved with the daily sale of the coffee.  Also have a look at the lovely vintage memorabilia that litter the store front, a throwback to Lam Yeo’s earlier days.


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