Co+op at Home

At HomeYou can now enjoy Co+op at your own dinner parties.  We’ll tailor a take-away package for you according to the size of your party, and provide all the plates and utensils necessary.

What is the minimum order?
We’re happy to accommodate any party size.

What’s the estimated price range?
This will depend on the menu items that you select.  However, if you are choosing from our sets, you have get a gauge of your total amount based on the set price x your party size.  i.e. A party of 10, each having a supreme set, will cost $60.

Do you deliver?
We do not do delivery at the moment, but we’re happy to arrange it for your order if possible.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your request!

How do you pack the food?
We can either pack your food into individual sets, or we can pack them family-style (orders more than 4pax) where each menu item is packed separately.  This usually depends on the setting of your meal, and personal preference.  If we pack the menu items separately, we charge a $5 fee for us to specially purchase packaging material that is adequate for your order.

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